Village of Egg Harbor Community Compost Initiative

The Village of Egg Harbor invites you to join our compost program!

In 2019, the Village of Egg Harbor expanded our brush site to accommodate food scraps. Since then, we have been picking up at restaurant partners in the village and incorporating them into our pile to make dirt for the village gardens and our residents!

Each year, through a partnership with the Door Community Compost Initiative and the Climate Change Coalition, the program has consistently serviced 10 businesses with a weekly food scrap pick-up. 

Join us in building our soil and participating in the business pick-up or residential drop-off! Residents are invited to join the effort with a complimentary food scrap bucket.  These buckets feature a screw top lid to keep smells in and pests out. After the bucket is full, participants will be able to drop it off with the village to incorporate into our pile!

Please note:
  these are not composting buckets, but rather food scrap collection buckets for you to dump into a compost pile!

Resident Compost Program: 

May 6: Food Scrap Buckets are available at the Village Office
May 6: Residents are invited to dump their scraps at the Village Office or with PPW staff at the Saturday recycling drop-off. 
Date TBD: Residents are welcome to drop off directly at the green waste site, on Wednesdays 7 am to 1 pm or Saturdays 9am to Noon during Recycling drop-off hours at 4579 Ball Park Road.

Residential Program Info Here

Business Compost Program: 
May 22: Deadline to sign up for Business Participation 
May 29: Bucket drop off at Business Participants Pick up Begins
June 5: Wednesday pick-ups begin on Wednesday afternoons

Business Program Info Here


Thank you for participating in this program and helping us build dirt and divert food waste. 

For more information on the compost program, call the village office at 920.868.3334 or email

Also, find resources from our nonprofit grant partner, Door Community Compost Initiative.