Garlic Mustard

What is it?
Garlic mustard is one of the most threatening invasive plants in Wisconsin.  It thrives in our natural woodlands and has the ability to eliminate our native wild flowers.  The tenacity of garlic mustard makes it extremely difficult to control.
garlic mustard basal garlic mustard flowers

I have garlic mustard on my property, how can I treat it?
Garlic mustard treatment, both mechanical and chemical, can take about 5 years.
Mechanical Treatment for Small Populations:
- Hand pull, make sure to prevent 2nd year plants from going to seed.
- Properly dispose of pulled plants (burn freshly pulled material) as plants can go to seed after being pulled.
- Repeated mowing to prevent plants from going to seed
Chemical Treatment for Large Populations:
- Round-up / glyphosate is suggested

For more information and treatment efficacy please check out the UW extension pamphlet on garlic mustard: