Village of Egg Harbor Code of Ordinances and Related Documents

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Please note that some of the drawings included in the  Chapters are not available in electronic format, and therefore are not included.  If you need an exact copy of a particular section(s), please contact the Village Office.
FIRE ARMS DISCHARGE MAP:  (See Chapter 96-Peace and Order)

Chapter 10 Construction
Chapter 30 Village Officials
Chapter 31 Village Policies
Chapter 32 Boards & Committees
Chapter 33 Civil Defense
Chapter 50 General Utility Provisions
Chapter 51 Sewers
Chapter 52 Streets and Sidewalks
Chapter 53 Regulating Tree Topping/Tree Disfiguring Practices & Tree Removal
Chapter 70 Traffic Rules
Chapter 71 Parking Regulations
Chapter 72 Traffic Schedules
Chapter 90 Fire Prevention; Protection
Chapter 91 Animals
Chapter 92 Health and Sanitation; Nuisances
Chapter 93 Public Parks and Beaches
Chapter 94 Harbor Regulations
Chapter 96 Peace and Order
Chapter 96 Map Firearms Discharge Zone
Chapter 110 Alcoholic Beverages
Chapter 111 Transient Merchants
Chapter 112 Business Licenses
Chapter 113 Outdoor Displays
Chapter 114 Room Tax
Chapter 115 Mobile Food Establishments
Chapter 116 Architectural Review & Historic Preservation Regulations
Chapter 118 Short-Term Residential Dwellings
Chapter 130 General Offenses
Chapter 150 Building Regulations
Chapter 151 Comp Master Plan
Chapter 152 Zoning
Chapter 153 Shoreland-Wetland Zoning
Chapter 154 Mobile Homes and Home Parks
Chapter 155 Sign Regulations
Chapter 156 Subdivision and Platting
Chapter 157 Outdoor Lighting
Chapter 158 Flood Plain Zoning