Overview of Building & Zoning Permit Application Process for Village of Egg Harbor

To start a new construction project in the Village of Egg Harbor, you will first need to submit a completed Zoning Permit Application to the Village Zoning Administrator, Megan Sawyer, either by email at msawyer@villageofeggharbor.org, via mail or in-person drop off at P.O. Box 175, 7860 STH 42 Egg Harbor, WI 54209.


Our Zoning Ordinance can be found on the Village website, available here.  Our zoning districts, Rural Residential, R-1 Residential, Recreational, and C-1 Commercial, can be found on the Village Zoning Map. If you need assistance verifying your property’s zoning assignment, please contact the Village staff.


For projects defined as permitted uses within the assigned zoning district, please follow the application steps as outlined below:


Zoning Permit Applications:


Full-size scaled copies of the building plans and site plans must accompany your completed application upon submittal. Applications submitted without building or site plans will not be considered for review.  In general, your zoning permit application review will be completed within two weeks from the submittal date. Please note that review times may vary based on workload.   


Zoning permit fees are determined by construction cost and will be calculated after the submittal of your zoning application. Zoning permit applications will not be approved until all related permit fees are paid in full.


If you are building on a parcel that has access to the Village’s Sanitary Sewer System, you are required to connect to the public sanitary sewer system. The installation of a private sewer lateral to the sanitary sewer system is the responsibility of the property owner. Your contractor will need to complete a Sewer Lateral Connection form.    A sewer lateral connection/disconnection requires a $50 lateral inspection fee that will be collected in conjunction with your zoning permit application. In addition to the $50 lateral inspection fee, you will be charged a fee to connect to the Wastewater Treatment System per our Fee Schedule.  This fee is currently $2,400 per Residential Equivalent Unit (REU).  A standard single-family home is assessed at one (1) REU. For other property uses, a sewer REU assessment will be reviewed and assigned by the Village’s Utility Committee. Your customer account for the usage of the Village’s sanitary sewer system will be created upon the issuance of an occupancy permit by the Village Building Inspector. To verify if your property has access to the Village’s sanitary sewer system please contact the Village’s Wastewater Treatment Plant Manager, Bert Sawyer, either by email at bsawyer@villageofeggharbor.org or by phone at 920-868-2628.


Once your zoning permit application has been reviewed and compliance with the Village zoning ordinance has been confirmed, you will be provided with your zoning permit fee calculation form that reviews the total amount of fees owed. Once all fees are paid and the Zoning Administrator has deemed your zoning application in compliance with the Village zoning requirements, your zoning permit will be issued.


Building Permit Applications:


After the issuance of a Village Zoning Permit, you will need to submit a building permit application to the Village Building Inspector, Brett Guilette, with Inspection Specialists LLC. Please contact Brett Guilette directly at 920-495-3232 with questions related to building permit applications or the Wisconsin State Building Code. Building permit-related fees are calculated separately by the Building Inspector, who will provide you with your building permit fee assessments.


For projects defined as conditional uses within an assigned zoning district, the conditional use permit application process as outlined below will need to be followed in advance of filing appropriate zoning and building permit applications:


Conditional Use Permit Applications:


Projects defined as conditional uses require conditional use permit approval by the Village Plan Commission.  Permitted uses and conditional uses are defined for each Zoning district under sections 152.022 through 152.025 of the Village Zoning Code. If you are unsure if your proposed project is considered a permitted or conditional use, please reach out to Village staff.  


If a conditional use permit is required for your proposed project, you will need to file a Conditional Use Permit Application. The current conditional use permit application fee is $500 and must be submitted along with your application materials.


The conditional use permit application review process includes three steps: 1. Plan Commission Initial Review, 2. Public Hearing, 3. Plan Commission review, deliberation, and consideration


In preparation for step 1, Conditional Use Permit application paperwork and all supporting documentation (including a project plan set and site plan) need to be submitted to Village staff at least 15 days prior to the next regularly scheduled Village Plan Commission meeting. The Village Plan Commission’s regular monthly meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month. 


Once your application and supporting materials are submitted, the Zoning Administrator will complete an initial review of your application materials for the Village Plan Commission’s review and your application will be placed on the next available Plan Commission meeting agenda. At the meeting, the Plan Commission will review your application materials and the Zoning Administrator’s initial review. After review, the Plan Commission may request additional information in advance of scheduling a public hearing or may schedule a public hearing and request additional information be provided at the public hearing.


Once a public hearing is scheduled, you will move on to step 2 of the conditional use permit application process, and Village staff will publish a Class 2 public notice in advance of the hearing.


At the public hearing, testimony under oath must be provided by a representative of the conditional use permit applicant, a representative of the Village, and members of the public. Please note, that the Plan Commission may request additional information from the applicant during the public hearing and may adjourn the public hearing to a future date, if necessary.  


Once the Plan Commission has collected all requested testimony and information, you will move on to step 3 of the conditional use permit application process. The application will be reviewed by, deliberated on, and considered by the Plan Commission at their next scheduled meeting. Please note, it is not guaranteed that the Plan Commission will make a final decision on the application at this meeting.


If your application is approved by the Village Plan Commission, Village staff will issue you your conditional use permit and you will need to file both zoning and building permits prior to the start of construction. For additional information on zoning and building permit applications please review the zoning permit applications and building permit applications section of this document above. Zoning and building permit fees will be assessed and collected, in addition to and separate from the conditional use permit application fee. Zoning and building permit fees are assessed based on the cost of construction.


Sign Permit Applications:


If you are planning to open a business, you will also want to review Chapter 155 Sign Regulations and the 2023 Business License Application.